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Or schedule a FREE ESTIMATE
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European Decking Waterproofing Company

Specializes in deck waterproofing and deck coating installation.

European Decking Company provides all the contracting work, including:

  • Visual inspection and waterproofing failure investigations/leak tests
  • Deck/balcony waterproofing, for new construction and old deck renovation
  • Deck/balcony repairs, including reinforcement to the beams and plywood replacement
  • Floor level corrections (for proper water drainage)
  • Welding repairs to the railing footing on the deck
  • Urethane caulking for expansion joints (at swimming pools/concrete slabs)
  • Planter waterproofing/bellow-grade waterproofing
  • Deck maintenance, resealing and repainting between every 12 to 24 months
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Desert Flex® and the Desert Crete® systems we use in our projects set the industry standard for high quality waterproofing materials when installed properly.

It is always the attention to the little details that gets the job done right no matter what system is used.

We never cut the corners and we are very strict when certain unexpected repairs are needed during the work process.

We also strictly follow the manufacturer's guidance and recommendations for the use of their materials and how to apply them on the job.

Desert Flex® is a deck restoration system designed to restore the original integrity of an existing walking deck system such as concrete, pre-sealed magnesite, elastometric and other various proprietary systems. Desert Flex® will increase the deck waterproofing characteristics and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal in any building.

Desert Flex® system utilizes high quality acrylic resin combined with premium fiberglass reinforcement followed by a knock-down texture or any other method that may be used for variety of textures.

The great advantage fiberglass systems have is in their ability to restore decks and concrete with cracks in them. This can save costs in tearing out decks or sidewalks and re-pouring them. After any cracks are properly repaired, the fiberglass applied over the surface helps hide the cracks, preventing them from telegraphing up through the coating:
01service 02service


The first coat/underlayment with Desert Crete Liquid Polymer is applied over to smooth/repair the concrete slab and fix the sloping:
01service 02service


The fiberglass coating use a 3/4 oz. non-directional woven mat of fiberglass, bonded to a surface with a water resistant resin:
fiberglass fiberglass2


Fiberglass systems are also self flashing on block and cement walls with proper attention paid to the details of lapping it up the wall and applying bonder/resin.
Desert Flex Deck to Wall Detail
Desert Flex Deck Edge Detail


A base coat (a mixed compound with Desert Crete Liquid Polymer) is applied over the fiberglass to provide protection, then a variety of finishes like knock-down texture can be put over this:
fiberglass fiberglass2


A special decking paint (two coats) is applied over the texture coat:
fiberglass fiberglass2


Desert Crete® Decking System is a fire-retardant walking deck and roof covering system. When installed as specified, the system may be used as a walking surface for most types of exterior floors, decks and stairs that are common within buildings such as apartments, condominiums, commercial offices and single family residences.

Desert Crete® Decking System is a multi-step polymer modified cementitious type system that is designed to be covered with a variety of top-finishes. The following diagram describe the procedures that will produce this high quality, water resistant, skid resistant and UV resistant flooring system in a knock-down textured finish:


Desert Crete and Desert Brand magnesite fire-retardant walking deck and roof covering systems are evaluated by the International Code Council - Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The subject report ESR-1661 is viewed in PDF here.



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