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Call us at 1.818.640.9476
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Or schedule a FREE ESTIMATE
Proudly serving Los Angeles since 1980

European Decking Waterproofing Company

Specializes in deck waterproofing and deck coating installation.


European Decking is the only company that offers Lifetime Warranty .

European Decking agrees to provide free labor and materials to service and repair any damages, cracks, bubbles or any other irregularities to the fiberglass deck coating.

This warranty does not extend to any structural or earthquake damages, rough treatment on the surface or in violation of instructions furnish by us that the waterproof fiberglass surface have to be recoated every:

1. Properties near the coast — between 12 – 16 months
2. Properties near refineries — between 14 – 18 months
3. Roof decks — between 16 – 22 months
4. All other surface with heavy traffic — between 18 – 22 months
5. All other surface with light traffic — between 20 – 24 months

The recoating includes:

a. Repairs to the surface, if needed.
b. Pressure washing and cleaning the entire surface.
c. Sealing.
d. Painting.

This warranty is transferable.